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.•:•:•”Sun Diamonds Rain Upon Her Stronger Half While She Some How Remains Whole.” ~~Last Quarter Moon•:•:•. These #earrings have their new home! Want a pair? Email me baby! #lavenderbuttons @ gmail.com xoxo Happy Fine #Friday!

•:•:•Pink.Flamingo.Bling•:•:• Whipped these #copper #earrings up for a Lady.Byrd.Friend’a mine! Detail on Detail on Details! It’s so much fun makin’ earring jewels for stretched ears, more canvas! Bring it! Wanna be adorned? Email me: #lavenderbuttons@gmail.com

•Boats.Beautiful.Men.Amen• Rafts & Fresh Piña Coladas Thanks to all ma friends, you make every day feel like fireworks exploding in ma heart! Even to yous who couldn’t make it.. Thanks for keeping on tha keepin’ on!

•Clairvoyant•CrescentMoon• #tbt to an hour ago! Could not stop snapping pictures of this #necklace! Every angle tells a different story. Every tilted view possess #Charm🌙 Every.Every.Every Drop! This #Talsmen, She Sings of #OwlMedicine & ‘Chameleon’ Protection! ✨Close yer Eyes, Minds are Alters, See beyond tha Darkness, Fly along side with your inner life’s Compass✨ .•.•Can’t.Stop•Wont.Stop•.•. For Custom Orders & Inquirers drop me a line: 🌊#lavenderbuttons@gmail.com

!Fancy•Fine•Friday! #NewMoon in Cancer🌱Growing🌱towards Leo! ✨This #Talisman is full of Tyme Travel & Inspirational Nostalgia. Always Expanding. Always Growing. Always Learning. ✨ .•.•Reflections Reflect from Today Sun onto Tonight’s Moon•.•. For Inquires: #LavenderButtons@gmail.com

•Copper•Thirsty•Thursday• #tbt from •New•Years.Eve• Drooool Diamond Diva @laylala wearing her Custom #HeadDress! She’s always styled, beyond wild, totally indigo! :) For custom orders or inquires, get at me! #lavenderbuttons@gmail.com